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March 26, 2005



Some tips:

Kill the direct flash. That's what's making his eyes blue in the center and creating the nasty shadow behind his head. If you MUST use a flash, bounce it off a wall. Instead, try upping your film speed to 400, or if you're feeling really grainy and avant-garde, 1000!

The aperature is your friend. Using a low f-stop number (i.e., less than 8) will blur the background and make Brody's head pop out of the background, thus making him the center of attention, where he needs to be.

Finally, don't put the subject dead-center in the frame. Imagine the frame divided by four lines (2 horizontally, 2 vertically). Put your subject's focal point (i.e., where the viewer should look) on one of the four intersections of those lines, and violá! Instant good composition.

Have fun!


Thanks Jody! I'll try that. I always wondered how to to the blurred background but subject in focus thing. Thanks!!! :D


We have ten dogs and I know exactly how hard it is to get really good photos of pets. It's tough! The best action and the best looks always happen when you don't have the camera in your hands.

Good luck.

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